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More squee

All Shadows Pass Away has been nominated in the drama/angst and best AU category which is stunning news. Thank you so much for putting me forward for this.  What fun!

Rules, Timelines, and How to Nominate a Fic

To Make Nominations/Ask Questions: hpfanficfanpollmod@gmail.com
Nomination period: October 1st - October 28th, 2013
Voting period: November 1st - December 31st, 2013
Winners announced: by January 10th, 2014

Just a bit of squeeee...

I am on the 300th Quiz!!

and its for such a beautiful story too. Thrilled is not the word.

On "All Shadows..."

This is the picture that I stared at while I wrote Monk!Snape. It is A Quiet Moment by Sigune and is one of the most beautifully serene pictures I have ever seen.

I would also like to thank pearle for the beautiful little icons that she made for me. Aren't they delightful?

for love and loss icon 2

for love and loss icon


Mr and Mrs Snape...?


Anoesis not only set up the newbie support group for the SSHG Exchange but, being a woman of extraordinary bravery, she also took on the task of alphaing my fic and seeing my outrageous cruelty to the common comma before my lovely spag beta lyreflowers ever got hold of it.  In thanks for that (and before the Newbies Fest was ever thought of) I took her prompt for the Deeply Horrible challenge. These dolls were made to go with my story:  A Difficult Man.

lots of pictures behind cutCollapse )

Revealing reveals...

As if modding the exchange was not enough, and to all accounts this last round was hell on toast, my gift  Problem Management in (Re)verse was written by the wonderful scatteredlogic and I am afraid I can only offer the humblest of thanks. I have no idea of the amount of work that must have gone into running the exchange but it sounds heroic even to my ignorant self.

On top of all that, the lady writes me a story that is laugh out loud funny, touching, poignant to the point of throat clogging (who among us has not felt let down by people who we thought/hoped were friends?) and a story that can seamlessly meld The Sneetches, rude limericks and a jolly interesting article on codpieces is just priceless.  The fact that even its title utilises a pun indicates that slogic is a mind reader - puns are one of my favourite things, dirty limericks follow just below puns on the list and speaking as someone who encounters chaps who really do wear the most outlandish codpieces at times (medieval re-enactor here, remember?) the whole story just fit me beyond all of my expectations. So thank you dear scatteredlogic. I really do appreciate it.

I can also now admit that I had the pleasure of receiving delphipsmith 's magnificent prompts. I shamelessly begged the mods for them even before prompting was closed - as soon as I read 'monk' and 'medieval illumination' I knew that despite the fact that there are far more talented writers and artists in the ship I would have no shame in depriving them of the chance to work on such an exciting project.  I screamed when I read the email (srsly, I am such a girl) telling me that the prompts were mine. I am thrilled that delphi enjoyed them and I can only say thank you to her for the sheer pleasure of working on them.  All Shadows Pass Away &   For Love and Loss

Just to say...

Bring Back the Bastard!
[info]deeply_horrible: Celebrating Severus Snape in all his flawed glory!

Is starting posting later today. I am looking forward to this with one eye shut as I have a sneaking feeling that there is going to be a fair whack of dark fic on parade. I do not/cannot read darkfic, can't watch dark movies, can't read horror or real life horror memoirs either. I did read Stewart, a Life Lived Backwards only because I thought it was about redemption...it isn't and I had nightmares for weeks.

Sixpence blethers on...Collapse )

Now, I am sure that BBtB is not going to be a wall to wall apocalyptic deathfest - but still: blinkers at the ready...

Look! Oh, Look!

noob banner

Now go and check out the Newbies Fest...pay particular attention to the fabulous fic that of_anoesis wrote for me!!!!


Of Bears

I interrupt internet silence* to say that I have just watched a documentary on Black bears. Previously to this I had always rather fancied going to visit Montana but now I think I will stick to dear old Blighty where the most dangerous creature is a ticked off badger.

*The silence is not deliberate - I am still visiting and commenting when I can, but due to truly appalling internet connectivity I lose much of what I type. The connection just blips out. Apparently it is partly due to where I live and the weather: Rural Wales and rain. I guess things are not going to improve anytime soon...


Newbie Fest

If you are a newbie, an oldie or an inbetweenie, sign up and flap those flippers with glee. We did it and we are happy.

Newbie Fest 2012
[info]Newbie Fest 2012: Come join the fun, November 17th 2012!

On thanks

I am a chopsy mare most of the time. It is not often I am lost for words but I sat silent for a full quarter of an hour while staring at the wondrous picture that Meladara has made for me.

more hereCollapse )